Website feedback tool that streamlines processes and significantly reduces costs

The Ultimate
Feedback Tool - UI Collabo

This design collaborative tool streamlines the production workflow while saving
time and improving the quality of website creation processes.

The Ultimate Website
Feedback Tool - UI Collabo

This design collaborative tool streamlines the production workflow while
saving time and improving the quality of website creation processes.

Prevent miscommunication among project members

UI Collabo's project collaboration tool enables team members to share website feedback and eliminate miscommunication.

Go paperless

When there are a lot of revision requests on a site, it can be tough to convey and visualize the changes on the website. This revolutionary website feedback tool completes the end-to-end communication, and simplifies the repetitive process of website design reviews, including taking screenshots, attaching them to emails, and requesting modifications.

Page-by-page status management

When reviewing a website, it becomes a difficult task to track how far you've gone; however UI Collabo, the online design proofing tool consolidates all design modification instructions into a single view and provides real-time progress management. It visualizes which website design changes have been addressed and not.

Instantly spot differences between design and code

No need to switch between multiple softwares to edit based on website feedback. After making design modifications with the calibration tool, you can quickly view the CSS source code and fix any problems.

Verification in different browser sizes

UI Collabo allows you to verify your responsive design on multiple screen sizes after website design walkthrough. It is also possible to adjust the design for each screen size.

UI Collabo’s features

Introduction to product features

  • Mode Switching
  • Annotation
  • Browser Check
  • Modification Status Management
  • Design Version Control

Display mode switching for commenting, comparison and transparent overlay

UI Collabo has three display modes: single mode, dual mode and layer mode. You can switch between them any time suitable for different purposes. Here, the differences in functionality are described in detail.

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Centralize communication among stakeholders in one place

With UI Collabo's website feedback tools, project members can complete project management, design proofing, and creative directions all on the browser. It allows you to keep your work organized and accessible at all times, and new team members can easily grasp up-to-date status and backlog at a glance.

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Correction instructions to fit window sizes

You can request design corrections for each target browser size and keep track of each one in real-time. Also tracking the number of website feedback and iteration history for each screen size is easy, as you can see the summary on the project list.

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Project management tools for high quality web production

Optimize resource allocation by unlocking seamless collaboration between web directors, designers and front-end engineers. This cloud collaboration tool is what you need, to cut down on manual work and produce a more sophisticated website.

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Reverse to previous edits with version control

Regardless of increase in files or project members, project management remains easy as website feedback and correction history are accurately stored. If you accidentally overwrite some changes, you can undo them anytime thanks to access to revision history.

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Your Partner in Collaboration

Your website launch is just around the corner. UI Collabo is
an excellent help in the finishing work, where detailed site
modification requests are flying around.

Coding is finished and your website is almost ready for launch, but it is still in flux with detailed editing requests, making
it difficult to get to the launch. UI Collabo was born to streamline this tedious and repetitive revision process.

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    Design iteration
    process comparison

    This website feedback tool eliminates approximately 50% of the tedious analog work involved in site revisions and modification. It drastically reduces conventional processes and enables smooth communication.

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    Various use cases comparison

    UI Collabo is a cloud design collaboration tool that dramatically improves work efficiency by enabling all kinds of process management solely in the browser. Anyone can complete all interactions in website creative feedback on a single web application.


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